Mayor: Ivo Mikulica
Deputy Mayor: Rudolf Schmuch

Area: 393 ha
Population: 3262

Phone: +420 599 429 101

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The first written record of the municipality dates back to 1377. The municipality has a historical connection to the Landek Castle, built in the second half of the 13th century (nowadays there are only remnants of the castle). There is an important archaeological site at the top of the Landek hill (see “Venus figurine from Landek”). The first coal mining in this region started in Petřkovice in 1782. The mine was closed in 1986. The former mine Anselm has been turned into a mining museum. In 1920 the municipality joined the Czechoslovak Republic. At that time it covered an area of 259 ha, it had 2,609 inhabitants, 252 residential houses, a mining colony called Mexico, a hospital, an orphanage, a public school, 2 traditional schools, water piping, and a sewerage system, coalpits Anselm and Oskar, 7 restaurants, one coffeehouse, and 7 shops. Since 1976 Petřkovice has been part of Ostrava.

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